Follow the Bearfolks as they work their business the Grandma Home House Retreat and work with Seraaj Family Homes as Professional Family Teachers(foster parents). 

Episode 1: Sarah


 Character Introductions: 


 Grandma Bearfolk runs the Grandma Home House along with Mama Bearfolk.
She is also the foster Grandma of Sarah.

 Lorrie is a social worker at Seraaj Family Homes, and helps the Bearfolks and Sarah with whatever they need.
 Papa Bearfolk runs his own construction company and built the Grandma's Home House along with his brothers. He is also the son of Grandma Bearfolk and the legendary dearly departed Grandpa Bearfolk.  Sarah is the foster daughter of the Bearfolk family. She hopes to one day reunite with her biological mother.
Mama Bearfolk runs the Grandma Home House along with mother in law Grandma Bearfolk. She is also the foster mother of Sarah.

Artwork: Isabella Ross



Our Facility: The Pergola

Across from the Pavilion, the 20 x 20 foot Pergola is composed of a brick-paved foundation, white wooden columns, and white wooden overhead beams. Originating in Egypt and widely used in Italy and other European countries during the Medieval Times and the Renaissance, the Pergola provides the perfect space for an outdoor event looking to provide guests with an elegant or classy experience. Guests can use the Pergola as the main event facility if serving a small population of guests or as a stage. If used as a stage, the Pergola's surrounding area is paved to provide comfortable seating for guests.

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Historical Significance

The Grandma Home House Retreat lies along historic U.S. Hwy. 80, better known as "The Black Belt Nature Heritage Trail."

About Our Team

The Grandma Home House Retreat has two Certified Event Planners to assist with all of your event needs, including planning, sound system setup, catering, and more. Each Retreat personnel is CPR/First-Aid certified, and there is a certified Water Safety Instructor on staff.

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