“I was very impressed when I drove up. The first thing I noticed were the palms trees, the sand, and the gazebo.”

Carl Green, Houston, Texas

“My Mom and I had the wonderful fortune of touring and visiting TGHHR in April, and the pictures really don’t do it justice. We were there for an evening event, but arrived during daylight hours to take it all in. From the entrance and throughout you have no idea you are in the USA, let alone Alabama. The exotic trees, plants, water, landscape and Pavilion accommodations, and the acreage is truly a Blessing from Allah, the Creator. To have a legacy such as this for ourselves and humanity is awesome! We left with a strong sense of self and pride appreciating the vision and mission of the founders of TGHHR!”

Taryn Siddiq, Founder of Muslimah Consultation Group, Inc.

“Felicia Strowder is a fabulous event coordinator. Trust her with your next event at The Grandma Home House Retreat. You will not be disappointed! The best event venue in Alabama!”

Rain Ellis

“My time spent at TGHHR was enjoyable and relaxing. The entire experience reminded me of a return to nature and the peace that nature has to offer. I loved it and love to visit again and again!”

Kwame Thomas

“It’s amazing how the vision of one generation is so different from another. And yet they both process the same spiritual and physical harmony that nature has to offer. I grew up in an area just a few miles from the Grandma Home House Retreat, and living in the country meant being accustomed to seeing lakes, ponds, pecans orchards, and various types of fruit trees, fields, gardens and livestock. My parents’ and grandparents’ way of life started with teaching us how to respect and depend on nature to provide spiritual comfort, physical exercise and, for the most part, income. But when that type of lifestyle was no longer necessary (or should I say, time brought about a change), we became distracted and the wholesomeness of country living became a distant memory. So, when I heard about a retreat in Waugh, AL with a beach, palm trees and a pavilion with a deck I was like, ‘Huh! A what? Out here? How is that possible? We’re in the boondocks, not the Bahamas? Oh, I’ve got to see this.’ And yet, there they were. A property that once used to grow gardens and livestock and now has palm trees and some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. It’s just amazing to see what’s possible when we pursue our dreams.”

Ella Wilson, Accounts Receivable Team Leader, Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

“Absolutely Beautiful! The Grandma Home House Retreat (TGHHR) is simply a ‘hidden jewel’ nestled in east Montgomery county off highway 80 east in Waugh. Upon entering the grounds, you feel as if you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise. As you travel along the winding path, you see a beautiful array of flowers; especially very colorful hydrangeas, exotic palm trees, fruit trees, berries, a soothing water fountain and much, much more. The New Home Missionary Baptist Church of Mt. Meigs held its first annual “Church Activity Day” on June 7, 2014 at the Retreat. We had an awesome time! Our families and friends are still commenting that the Grandma Home House Retreat is such a beautiful, fun and relaxing place. You have all types of options for physical activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, water sports, cycling, etc. For those who would just rather relax and take in all of the beauty, there is a beach area along with several hammocks. They have an enclosed area and a deck that looks out over the water. There is also an area for grilling those delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, or whatever you choose. The staff was very courteous and extremely helpful. So, looks like this might be the place to be for any event you might have in mind. I am truly impressed!!!”

Deacon Moses P. Zeigler, The New Home Missionary Baptist Church, Mt. Meigs

“Checkout WCOV Fox 20’s Radio Station interview on “Tell It Like It Is” Talk Show. Hosted by James Thomas & Vicki Bonner Ward, this segment gives a look into the uses, goals and history of The Grandma Home House Retreat.”

James Thomas, WCOV Fox 20, "Tell It Like It Is" Talk Show

“We had a fabulous time at TGHHR. All present shared high gratitude and wonderment for the opportunity to experience TGHHR. Thank you so very much.”

Shakira Tajjidin

“What a wonderful place to visit! The staff is awesome, very friendly and helpful. (It’s) completely peaceful, relaxing and surrounded by nature. (It’s) a great get away. There is something for everyone to take part in and if you don’t want to do anything just relax, you can do that! And another thing I love about Grandma’s Home House Retreat (is that) it’s family oriented just like “Grandma” would want it to be.”

Olivia Surles Rhodes, New Home Baptist Church of Mt. Meigs Member

“When I arrived at [The] Grandma Home House Retreat , I was in awe! My spirit was uplifted, my joy was complete, and I was truly satisfied. It is a home away from home. [It’s] a relaxing feeling to be caught in nature, while observing nature.”

Glenn King, Jr., Assistant Professor of Business, Concordia College Alabama, Lowndes County Board of Education Head Start Member

“I found myself saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to get in the hammock and just swing.’ We didn’t have that when we grew up, and to be able to enjoy that in 2013 with my granddaughter and my co-workers … It gives me a sense of esteem and pride. It gives me a sense of belonging and validation, a sense of connection [and] a sense of power ― that I am somebody.”

Dr. Tonea Stewart, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Alabama State University

“Kudos to Grandma Home House Retreat for being the capstone for two recent family events. The first was my daughter’s high school graduation. We held her tea there. The look on my daughter’s face when she arrived at the elegantly decorated pavilion was priceless! All in attendance had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful surroundings. The second event was 4th of July weekend; the 3-day Martin Family Reunion concluded at TGHHR. We had an awesome time! A very special “thank you” to Mr. Abdul Seraaj for his hands-on assistance in making the event memorable!”

D.H. Stapleton, Ed.D., COO of Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

“After spending the past weekend with my family at our family reunion in Montgomery, AL at The Grandma Home House Retreat, I was very impressed when I drove up. The first thing I noticed were the palms trees, the sand, and the gazebo. After enjoying the activities with the family, I took a stroll around the retreat and noticed all of the beautiful flowers, fruit trees and berries. Most of all I could not help but to notice how peaceful the surroundings are. I had a fantastic time. I encourage you to take time out of your busy schedule and go to The Grandma Home House Retreat website and post your own personal testimonials. You can also encourage other friends and family members to check out The Grandma Home House Retreat website.”

Carl Green, Houston,TX

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